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I don’t care what language you speak, that’s just funny…

The first-half of the 2010 season was memorable in a lot of ways. The Boise Hawks set some personal records, made national news, and made an impact on the community.

Like most journalists, I always have my digital voice recorder handy. Over the course of the first-half of the season, I was able to catch some pretty funny quotes from former and current Boise Hawks players.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them!

“A buddy of mine owned a fireworks stand and he did a big fireworks show every year. Well one year, the stand caught on fire and there were mortars going off everywhere.”
Former Hawks OF Runey Davis on his 4th of July memories.

“I remember when I was 12 years old, I got turned down by a girl on the 4th of July. I tried to approach a girl at a local fireworks show and got rejected. I’m still in the process of recovery but I am back to where I want to be (laughs).”
Former Hawks RHP Corey Martin on his 4th of July memories.

“I actually didn’t finish the pitch the right way; I was turned around once I let the ball go. But I was able to see the ball come at me and I got my glove down there in time to snag it. A friend who plays for Salem-Keizer sent me a text last night and said “I’m at a bar and you made it onto Top Plays!”. It’s always been a dream to make it on Sports Center.”
LHP John Mincone on making ESPN SportsCenter’s “Top 10 Plays”.

“I was actually worried. I have been a St. Louis Cardinals fan my whole life and I grew up in Chicago and went to Northwestern University. A lot of my friends got on me pretty good about being a Cardinals fan drafted by the Cubs.”
LHP Eric Jokisch and his reaction to being drafted by the Chicago Cubs.

“At first I was just excited to be drafted. Then when I found out it was the Chicago Cubs, I figured it would be a great organization to move up in because we haven’t won a World Series in so long (laughs).”
2B Pierre LePage on career advancement with the Cubs.

“My host family has been wonderful. They make me breakfast in the morning, help me with my laundry, and they even make my bed for me. It’s actually a little better than life at home (laughs).”
Former Hawks OF Matt Szczur on life with his host family.

“It’s a lot nicer going back to a home than a hotel in Mesa, AZ.”
RHP Aaron Kurcz on the living conditions (host families) in Boise.

“When I told a lot of my friends I was going to be a professional baseball player they were like “I’ll see you in Chicago.”
2B LePage on the misconceptions that people have about minor league baseball.

“I came from such a small school (I had 25 people in my graduating class) so there wasn’t much competition and I was able to throw fastballs and do whatever I wanted. Once we got to college, the kids got bigger. I mean, look at that guy (points to Matt Szczur).”
Jokisch on the transition from high school to college baseball.

“Matty Ott set LSU single-season saves record in 2009. In his first appearance, which wasn’t a save situation, I could tell he was kinda nervous,” said Gibbs. “I tried to calm him down as much as I could with words, but I could still tell he was nervous. As I was jogging back to home plate, the “Chicken Dance” was playing. So I was like “why not” and I got behind home plate and started doing the “Chicken Dance”.
C Micah Gibbs reflecting on his playing days at Louisiana State University.

“I think he hit that ball 500 feet!”- Corey Martin
“Nah, more like 700.”- Myself
Corey’s post-game reaction after giving up a home run on July 3rd.

“A.J, from now on when we are winning, you stay in the clubhouse! I’ll manage the game, you stay here (laughs).”
Hawks Manager Jody Davis on A.J. being a possible “bad luck charm”.

“It’s called planned obsolescence. They make minor changes to a product that should have come with it 3 years ago so idiots like you will buy it.”
LePage’s reaction to LHP Austin Kirk buying the iPhone 4.

“Brandon, you need to get on base. Everyone in the stands is getting drunk because of you!”
Jody Davis on 3B Brandon May being responsible for 4 consecutive beer batters in Eugene.

“Jesus, could you please tell Larry (Suarez) that I need him to fill this packet out as soon as possible.”- Myself
“(Laughs) You know he speaks English, right?”- Jesus Morelli
Me asking Hawks OF Jesus Morelli to translate to someone who speaks English.

“This is why you are single; you spend your free time looking up fantasy baseball statistics.”
Hawks Director of Sales Andy Simon assessing my “dating life” (or lack there of).

“There was so much excitement and adrenaline that people were yelling in the dog pile on the field. Louis Coleman, who was the SEC Pitcher of the Year, closed it out for us. I don’t think there is anyone in baseball who was more of an automatic win than him. When we were in the dog pile it’s kinda funny; he kissed me on the forehead and said “I love you man” (laughs). It was a little weird.”
C Gibbs talking about winning the 2009 College World Series.

“The night before the first playoff game I pitched, I was walking through the bar. I never drink the night before a game, especially when I am pitching. I see Lou Pinella and he says “sit down and have a beer with me”. At first I said no but then he said “what’s the worst that could happen? We are down 0-2 in the series. If we lose, we go home. Stay here and have a couple of beers with me; no need to rest.” I ended going 8.2 innings and we won.”
Hawks Pitching Coach Jeff Fassero on his memories of Lou Pinella.

“He struggled to find the plate early in the inning. I was just going up there and making sure that I got a good pitch to hit. He called a ball in the previous at-bat that was the same pitch that he threw me in this at-bat. I guess being short does have some benefits.”
2B LePage on a drawing a bases-loaded walk to beat Spokane on July 19th.

Thanks to Hawks photographer Scott McDaniel for the photos!

Till next time..

Chad Bates
Media Relations Assistant
Boise Hawks


We’re going STREAKING! (ok, not literally)

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18 pt
18 pt

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, there have been
some impressive

“consistent hitting performances” as of late. We are not using
the other word for fear that the “baseball gods” will be upset and in some
weird way, these impressive “consistent hitting performances” will end


OF/DH Matt Szczur, 2B Pierre LePage, 1B Richard Jones, and OF
Alvaro Ramirez have been showing off some impressive lumber as of late. Szczur
has had a hit in 10 straight games, LePage has had a hit in seven straight
games, and Jones has received a hit and RBI in six straight games. Ramirez has
been extremely impressive, as he has recorded a hit in 16 consecutive games.

The secret to the success? It comes down to good old-fashioned work.

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18 pt
18 pt

“I give a lot of credit to our coaching staff. Jody Davis and
Ricardo Medina have been pretty laid back about everything. If we have a night
where we didn’t get many hits, they don’t really put a ton of pressure on us.
When you let players relax, that is when they play their best,” said Jones, who
is batting .312 on the season.


The Hawks have been turning it on at the plate as of late,
collecting 10 or more hits in six of their last seven games.


“A lot of it has to do with the fact that we are 30 games into
the season and guys are beginning to feel more comfortable at the plate. The is
a new feel to the team. Guys are beginning to get set in the lineup and their
roles on offense. It’s been great and more wins will come as long as we clean
it up on defense,” said LePage, who is batting .352 on the season.


Szczur has been in several different spots in the lineup, but his
success has not stopped, as he is hitting .386 on the season.


“More or less, I have the same philosophy each time I step up to
the plate. It is a little different in the lead off spot because you usually
have to work the count. I just try to approach every at-bat like it’s my last
and make it a great at-bat,” said Szczur.


With the Hawks offense exploding as of late, the wins have been
there. But like their performances, the team is looking for some consistent
wins as they are locked in a heated battle with the Spokane Indians for first
place in the Northwest League East Division.


To lock up this Division Title, it’s going to take an all around
great game, not just a great night at the plate. But a good night of offense
never hurts.


 “Baseball is a crazy
game because any team can win on any given day. To give us our best shot to
win, we have to play a better game defensively. We have to pitch well and not
give up a ton of walks, errors, or hits. If we do that and get timely hits, we
have a good chance to win,” said LePage.

“We just have to show up and battle every day. Whether you are
down by one run or five, we have to battle every day,” said Jones.


“It’s a joy to play for this team because we battle and we don’t
give up, even when we are down. Everybody is going to work hard, regardless of
the situation. We were down 9-3 last night, but we battled through and made a
game out of it,” said Szczur.


If the hitting performances continue and the defense turns the
corner, the Hawks will begin to party like it’s 2006. That was the last season
that the Hawks won a Divisional Title.


Till next time..


Chad Bates

Media Relations Assistant

Boise Hawks


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“Time to turn the lights on and play some games in front of the camera…” Jody Davis Q&A

Davis, Jody.jpgYou can’t have peanut butter without jelly or salsa without tortilla
chips. With baseball, you can’t have the start to a season without Media
Day. Today in front of various local television and radio stations, the
2010 Boise Hawks roster and coaching staff answered various baseball
related questions, signed a couple dozen baseballs, and even
choreographed some sound bytes for our video log on YouTube.

When I wasn’t getting interviews set up and shaking hands (I shook more
hands today than a politician at a primary), I had a chance to sit down
and conduct a one-on-one interview with Hawks Manager, Jody Davis. Jody
is joining some elite company this season because he is only the second
former Major Leaguer in Hawks history to manage the team.

Jody was a former player with the Chicago Cubs through the 80’s. He
helped the Cubs win the National League’s Eastern Division Title in 1984
and that same year, was selected to the NL All-Star team. Since
becoming a manager, Jody has found championship success. In 2008, he
helped lead the Daytona Cubs to a 73-59 and they also won the League

Being a roving catching instructor, Jody has been to Boise before. The
city and the fans left a great impression on him.

“Boise has been a great sports town and they have really supported the
Hawks. These kids have been working hard down in Arizona and they are
excited about turning the lights on and playing some games that count,”
said Davis.

At the Single A level, it is tough to balance winning titles and
developing talent. The hope is that both come hand in hand, but Jody
said it can be a challenge to do both.

“Developing the talent is the number one priority, but everyone that
puts that uniform on is competitive and they have been trying to win
since little league. You can never take that out of the game,” said
Jody. “There are a lot of unwritten organizational rules that the fans
don’t see or know about, but you are trying to win the game within those
organizational rules. As a manager, I feel that winning is developing.
You develop winners as well as players.”

One of Jody’s strengths as a manager is that he knows his talent and
what he is putting on the field.

“I think this team is not going to have a lot of power, but that we are
going to depend on our pitching and our defense,” said Jody.
“Offensively, we are going to have to do the little things and most
importantly, play the situations. We have a few guys that can hit home
runs, but we are not going to be a home run hitting team.”

One of the things that the Hawks provide that no other team in Northwest
League provides is host families. Host families are families that the
players can stay with during their time in Boise. Having this program
set up is a huge help to Jody.

“A lot of these kids have been in Arizona since and this is the first
time that they have been away from home for this length of time,” said
Jody. “One of the great things is that the host families bring them into
their home so they get a little bit of that home atmosphere. We really
can’t say enough and thank them enough. The fact that they are in good
homes is a big relief to me.”

13 of the players on the Hawks roster are from outside the United
States. Language barriers can present challenges, but Jody is able to
work around them.

“We have several different languages working in the clubhouse but we are
able to communicate well on the field,” said Jody.

It’s no secret that Jody had success as a player. Being a former player
turned manager, it can be a challenge to get the players to level you
want them performing at. But Jody seems ready to take on the challenge.

“We are just here to help these kids out and develop them. We are going
to go through growing pains but we are here to teach them and help them
get to the next level,” said Jody.

The Hawks will begin their quest for another Northwest League Title
Friday on the road against Yakima. Having already met these guys and
seen the coaches they have behind them, the season definitely looks

Till next time…..

Chad Bates
Media Relations Assistant
Boise Hawks