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“In this showdown of Man vs. Food… MAN WINS!!!”

What does it take to eat something that is equivalent to 5 pounds of jalapeno peppers? It’s a whole lot of guts, and four Boise Hawks’ baseball players who were willing to do battle with the hottest pizza known to man!

On Friday, August 13th Micah Gibbs, Pierre LePage, Kyung-Min Na, and Elliot Soto decided to take on a pizza that is revered and feared in Boise; the habanero pizza at Flying Pie Pizzeria.

The habanero pizza has been featured on shows like “Man vs. Food,” and is one of the spiciest pizzas that you will find. It’s a delicious blend of cheese, black olives, chicken, and of course; habanero peppers. But what makes this pizza unique is that Flying Pie only uses the freshest habanero peppers, which is why this pizza is only offered in the month of August.

The single habanero pizza uses six habanero peppers. To put this in perspective, the heat equivalent of six habanero peppers is 5 POUNDS of jalapeno peppers! If you are feeling adventurous and want to try the double or the triple habanero pizza, the heat equivalent would be over 10 and 15 pounds of jalapeno peppers! That’s a lot of spice for one body to handle.

Our players took on the single habanero pizza and once you watch the video, you will see why. Veterans like Gibbs and LePage had no problem tangling with the beast; they pretty much made it look easy. Soto also downed his with little to no problem, but I haven’t seen him sweat like that since it was 95 degrees on game day. For Na, the habanero pizza was a bit of challenge. But he was able to pull it off and the four were able to finish an entire habanero pizza!

When asking them how the experience was, they had this to say.

“I feel great. I really enjoy spicy food, so it wasn’t that hot for me personally. I want to come back at some point and try the triple habanero pizza,” said LePage who was the first Hawks player to finish his part of the habanero pizza.

“I think it was more oven hot than anything, so that was really the toughest part of getting it down. I sweated a little bit, but I usually sweat with everything. The pizza is definitely good, that’s for sure,” said Gibbs.

“The taste of the pizza was really good. It was hot, but I think I want to do the triple habanero sometime. I actually like habaneros more than jalapenos,” said Soto.

“I like hot food, but this is very hot! My stomach hurts now (laughs),” said Na.

The link for the video is below. Hope you enjoy it and check out the habanero pizza at Flying Pie Pizzeria.


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Chad Bates
Media Relations Assistant
Boise Hawks


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